Small Business Awards 2018

Eyes@Australind were excited to be named as finalists for the 2018 Small Business Awards South West. The categories we were nominated in were:
– Retail Award
– Community Engagement Award
– Innovation Award
– Small Business with 5-10 Employees
– Employee of the Year (Jasmine Meyers)

We had an amazing night, held at the Lighthouse Resort in Bunbury. There was over 300 people in attendance, representing local businesses as well as media and Local Government Members.

Eyes@Australind are proud to announce we were the winner of the Innovation Award for 2018.

So WHAT does Innovation to use actually mean?

So from a point of innovation firstly my business model is different. I have different goals than just to make money (well making a profit is important but it is so much more than that). I want to make our patients entire experience amazing – from the minute they come in, during the eye exam, and during the dispensing and delivery of their glasses.I want to be part of the community and REALLY contribute, to make a difference in vision. I have looked at all aspects and tried to apply new ideas, technology and innovative products to come together to achieve my goal.

Eyes@Australind privately bill our appointments (we continue to bulk bill concession card holders and students). This is to ensure my Optometrists time is paid for and valued. We allow full 30 minute consultations (our competitors 15-20mins) to ensure a comprehensive test, time to understand their visual needs, and time to explain recommendations. This builds rapport and trust with our customers.

I regularly attend trade events here and overseas. I have partnered with a market leader in innovative products (ZEISS) to ensure our technology in store is state of the art. We have a Zeiss OCT scanner to detect health problems before they are even visible on the surface. In the dispensing of glasses we use an Zeiss I Terminal, which captures position of wear measurements for frames, as well as pupil measurements (PD’s and HT’s to 1/10 of a mm accuracy). We are the only practice in the South West to utilise this Zeiss equipment. Having accurate measurements crosses over to our lens choices (ZEISS precision lenses) – these lenses provide innovative lens designs, which are not available from our competitors. Myself and my staff sit down and take the time to discuss the patients lifestyle, work and hobbies before make a product recommendation which suits them best.

I use instagram and facebook on a daily basis to reach my patient base. We stock unique and quality frames that are not available from our competitors. Our product range has to be completely different or we just cant compete. Eyes@Australind is where you go when you want a thorough eye exam, with an quality frame that not everyone else is wearing, with precision lenses from Zeiss that give you the best vision possible.

We hold many community events to show our community we care about their eye health (and not just their $). Each year I hold FREE in store screening events for Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Children’s Vision. This year we extended that program to a FREE vision screening program for our local primary schools. We attend and screen Year 1 classes at no cost and provide feedback to the parents on their eye screening.

Innovation from my perspective is the whole business model, not any one thing we do.

We would love for you to experience for yourself the difference at Eyes@Australind.