Have you been thinking about contact lenses??

Do you wear glasses? If you do you may not realise what contact lenses can do for you! Here is a great list of advantages of contact lenses over glasses – many people choose to wear both!

There are many differences between glasses and contact lenses, but there are some similarities, too:

Both require careful handling and cleaning
Glasses must be sprayed and wiped several times a day, while contacts need varying degrees of care, depending on the type. Disposable contact lenses are particularly fast and easy to clean, or you can get daily contacts which you just throw away after wear!

Both can correct astigmatism
Astigmatism is an irregular cornea shape that distorts vision. Many people think only glasses can correct astigmatism, but contact lenses do as well.

Both are affordable
When you consider that you wear glasses or contact lenses every single day of your life, the amount you spend on them is far less than for any other item in your wardrobe. Considering how important they are to the quality of your life, they’re invaluable. If you have private health insurance you can generally claim on contact lenses.

Since glasses have few, if any, advantages over contact lenses, you may decide to wear contact lenses more permanently (however you need a pair of glasses as a back up)
But if you’re still undecided about which vision option is best for you, talk it over with us!