Back to School….. are your kids ready for the best chance at learning this year?

We all have back to school shopping lists:
– buy school shoes
– get school supplies
– new lunch box

Something very important is missing from the list: making appointments for comprehensive eye exams for your children! Even if there are no complaints over the summer about blurry vision or headaches, children still need to have frequent eye exams. Just like their bodies are rapidly growing, children’s eyes are changing as well.

Most kindergarten children are screened for visual acuity. This screening service checks to see how clearly your child can see for distance and if it’s blurry, they are referred either to an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. This service is valuable for children who may have an uncorrected prescription or if they have a lazy eye. However, studies have shown that an acuity-based screening test FAILS to detect at least 50% of children who will go on to have learning difficulties at school because of their vision. The problem with an acuity screening test is that is can provide a false sense of security that your child’s vision is okay when really, there are many other tests that needs to be done to check their focusing, teaming, tracking and vision processing skills.

Even a small change in vision can cause eye strain, headaches or blurred vision which can be very distracting while in school. Staying consistent with eye exams will help your children to have clear vision and be able to concentrate and perform to the best of their ability. With clearer vision, this school year will be the best ever!

Children rarely report vision problems.
They assume everyone sees the same way as they do.
Our comprehensive eye exam is essential to detecting vision problems early on, before they cause vision loss or blindness.
Good eyesight forms the basis for successful schooling and developing lifelong skills.
This is one test your child cannot afford to miss!

You can make an appointment directly from our website – all eye tests for children are bulk billed.